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Originally Posted by UltimaWolf View Post
Avy Request!
Episode 4
00:41-00:42( Taiga opening and closing her eyes in bed)
Loop and border! Thank you!

Originally Posted by Kinny Riddle View Post
Here's some of a few avatar requests for Episode 4. Thanks in advance to whoever makes them.

They're free for all, since I'm not really in a mood to change avatars yet, but feel these Taiga images would make great avatars and do her dere-ness superb justice.

0.42-0.44 Taiga waking up

1.42-1.46 (anywhere in between's fine) Taiga getting all mushy-mushy about the photos

3.48-3.49 and 4.14-4.15 Taiga: Ohaaa!!!

8.22-8.23 and 8.24-8.26 Taiga getting all giddy

9.01-9.03 and 9.15-9.19 (anywhere around is fine) Taiga completely stiff while preparing to eat

10.29-10.30 Ryuji stuffing two meatballs into Taiga's mouth

10.42-10.44 Taiga munching on the meatballs

10.45-10.47 Taiga swallowing them

12.58-13.01 Taiga being called a klutz by Ryuji (Can someone make a sig of this at 12.58 with the Toradora titles by the side as well please? No need to put my name on it so anyone can claim it. )

And here's one for Inko-chan
21.50-21.53 Inko: Isn't it good?
Taiga waking up was already requested.

Here are some of the avatars you have asked for. Not sure if I captured the right moments, though:
Mushy mushy one:

Giddy giddy ones:

More closed up:

Face only:

Unrelated one:

"FOUND YOU!" ~Taiga

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