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Thanks teachopvutru.

Here are the remaining requests that have yet to be made. Can someone hopefully please pick up on these?

Originally Posted by Kinny Riddle View Post
Here's some of a few avatar requests for Episode 4. Thanks in advance to whoever makes them.

They're free for all, since I'm not really in a mood to change avatars yet, but feel these Taiga images would make great avatars and do her dere-ness superb justice.

3.48-3.49 and 4.14-4.15 Taiga: Ohaaa!!!

9.01-9.03 and 9.15-9.19 (anywhere around is fine) Taiga completely stiff while preparing to eat

10.29-10.30 Ryuji stuffing two meatballs into Taiga's mouth

10.42-10.44 Taiga munching on the meatballs

10.45-10.47 Taiga swallowing them

12.58-13.01 Taiga being called a klutz by Ryuji (Can someone make a sig of this at 12.58 with the Toradora titles by the side as well please? No need to put my name on it so anyone can claim it. )
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