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Frankly, I'm confused. When I remember how the Ichiruki shippers boasted about how this would engrave their ship in stone I was afraid this would turn into 1+1/2 hour of fanservice. But it's just a bad bleach movie with some nice ss-arc-flashbacks.

And wth was wrong with Urahara? Did he forget he wasn't a captain anymore?

Originally Posted by 17th_warrior View Post
1st movie is much more romantic than this one.
The moments with Senna really outweight the ones with Rukia in the movie even the hug.
And what's with that lame sword penetration that saved Rukia??
Agreed, the first movie is really touching and Senna is a character worthy to miss. I also consider the 1st to be the best while 2nd and 3rd don't even come close.
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