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Originally Posted by rye-kun View Post
hello guys! can you recommend me some touhou games? and what about the touhou labyrinth? is that a good game?
I think EoSD, IN, and MoF are good starters for Touhou.

EoSD might be a little hard because there's no visible hitbox, but the spellcards are simple overall.

IN would give you a full experience of Touhou, ranging from graze to individual bombs to meeting more of the characters since everyone's in a team. It's good since it has spell practice and it's about average difficulty.

MoF is a good choice because it's not too hard. However it lacks graze and has a different boring bomb system, so it's better to play IN first.

As for Touhou Labyrinth, it's a good RPG game. There are very complex floors to search through and some parts of the game which give you endless frustration (oh god, floors 10-12 are a nightmare) but it's fun. Just be prepared for grinding here and there when you need it (floor 30 ESPECIALLY, the monsters there have a sudden level jump). If you have trouble, theres the japanese wiki which has all the maps.
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