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I am not a native english speaker... so maybe I didnīt use the appropiate word. From the condition. But after a very prolonged time with no movements, the skin and other soft tissues suffer from hardening that prevents the normal blood circulation.. There are been cases where even amputation is needed due to this. Those are called "escaras" in my lenguage, and the translator for that specific word used "bedsores". As a fact thats more dangerous than numbness and rigidity the body might experience. like what Kirito looked like walking like that. ANd those beds that the LN showed went over all this issues and even have a the property to dispose of body wastes. If you think that after 2 years it does become an issue.

Its an anime I know, reality can kick out the door, and I have no problem with it. If the beds didnt existed in the LN I wouldnt have even typed this.
From the anime we can see he's suffering from the skin hardening like what you said, but it's not to the extent of which it disrupts the blood circulation(Kirito's case of course) because that kind of proccess takes a long time not just a simple 1 or 2 years all the more reason for it to be unlikely happenning is because the body itself is still in its peak state of a young human body.
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