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Swedish tanks?! Interesting. I wonder if this group is too light on armor and fire power, though.
I specifically handicapped the team of tanks with more focus put on mobility and communications, than either firepower or armour. Most other folks seem to focus on the big and tough beasts than the little snappers. It can make the strategy for the team quite predictable with the reliance on the Centurion for firepower. Granted there is still a lot that can be done with the formation that doesn't focus on taking punishment or dealing it from a mile and a half away.

I'm thinking the Sensha-dou rules would make exemptions for the 20-pdr and the armour protection of later Mks provided the advanced FCS and other technologies like post-war rangefinders are not used.

The alternate to the 40M would have been the 43M Zryni II Assault Gun. In a way it has its own limitations. I also considered the M10, or M10 Achilles before the Stridsvagn m/42, but thought it would be considered unacceptable for safety reasons because of its open top.

And in regards to combat action. The Chi-nu of Ooarai and M4A6 of Saunders never saw combat service, and yet their number was fewer than the Stridsvagn m/42. So units like the Covenanter and Ram which were produced in far greater numbers and never saw action (at least as gun tanks) would be relevant. Even the lesser produced M6 and variants and M2 Medium and variants would qualify.

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