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Come to think of it, Xi has been fighting corruption within the Party, and Leo might as well be right about the reason behind the victory parade. It's also a nice morale boost for the countrymen who's losing money in the volatile stocks situation in China.
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Sorry I have been living under a rock for the past few months, so enlighten me.

Didn't he iron out most of the issues killing off his rivals with his "anti-corruption" campaign?
It's kind of unusual for the Chinese to go full Russian and put on a giant show of military force to celebrate the WW2 victory. I suspect it has not been a tradition because WW2 wasn't really the PRC's war, so the CCP prefers to hold such events on dates like October 1.

But this time around, Xi Jinping wants to show that he has gotten not just the Party but more importantly the military under his thumb. The 70th anniversary of the PRC is too far away (2019), so better to use VJ-Day.

Also interesting is that Xi's main rival, Jiang Zemin, showed up and featured prominently next to Xi. My guess is that Xi decided to bring out the old fossil and parade him around too.
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