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Originally Posted by Yukinokesshou View Post
Just wondering if anyone shares my pet peeves about Japanese textbooks for English speakers? Nothing is more annoying than...

1. Textbooks which are in romaji for the first 200 pages. Honestly, it takes only an hour of your time to memorise hiragana and katakana. That's equivalent to one night's worth of Japanese homework.

2. Textbooks which don't contain a single kanji. Or textbooks designed for a year-long course which introduce no more than 30 kanji. Well, maybe I'm slightly biased since I had to memorise 30~50 kanji a week in primary school -.-
Oh, those are HORRIBLE. Then again those are the ones you get for general audiences - 'Teach Yourself Japanese in 15 minutes' and all that. I often get the feeling that people who buy those are never really that serious in the first place...

I guess the only things that might be worse are Korean textbooks that are completely in romaji (yes they do exist, sheer horror!). Hangul, in all their beautiful simplicity and elegance, can be memorised in 15 minutes...
Learning all the pronunciation rules on the other hand, takes far longer.
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