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Ok, so they ended with Beato barging in Natsuhi's room. I question this choice as they could simply do that at the chapel, but well (super momentum break). But on the other hand, there is a LOT to cover for the last Ep2 episode.
Worldenddominator was used, but only when Gohda saw the goats.

Meanwhile, Beelzebub had a super high pitched voice, but it is still acceptable, (while I still can't help but think Asmo breathed toncrap of helium).
Gohda's VA was very good for the panicked performances, though the expressions and animations didn't follow that quite well.
Rosa was even more loathable than I first thought in the VN

I have no idea if it was my raw or something, but it seems they skipped the "There is no one hiding!" with Battler's despair galore. Actually, Battler has shown emotions here, but the lead up was a bit too brutal I think.
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