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Yesterday, Kadokawa updated their Haruhi Specialty site with a couple of quizzes. The Alpha page has the SOS Brigade Enrollment Examination while the Beta page has the North High Entrance Examination.

The SOS Brigade Enrollment Examination involves four tasks on the literature portion and two tasks on the art portion. The literature portion asks for you to choose one of the following:
  1. List 14 days worth of activities for a summer vacation
  2. Using no more than 800 characters, write a short story involving three of the following ides (Haruhi Suzumiya, Surprise, Shamisen, One's true self, Magical Girl, slider, global scale, birthday, world, dream)
  3. Using no more than 200 characters, choose one of (alien, time traveler, esper) and write why you feel they are the best.
  4. Write what Haruhi/Kyouko Tachibana are saying in their respective images

The art portion asks you to choose one of three topics:
  1. Color the image of Haruhi Suzumiya
  2. Draw Kuyou Suou in civilian clothing using the model for reference
  3. Display the theme of The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya in any form, but it may stay true to the original work

On the North High Entrance Examination, there is a 50 question multiple choice quiz. In order to save space, I'm using a spoiler tag. These questions involve heavy remembrance of all 9 novels so far, thus necessitating this thread.

Each question on β's quiz is worth 2 points. I got 70 on my first try with little translation. For question 10, the dates are from the official quiz and not my input. I suppose the theory that the story takes place in 2010 is now ruined.
Wow!! Thanks so much for putting up a translated version. I'm ashamed to say I failed even though I've read all the light novels within the last two months.

Anyway, I saw in this thread somewhere about reading the light novels on an iPhone. You can download an application that I use, Dropbox, a really useful online file hosting/syncing program. Both the iPhone app and the online registration are free. The app conveniently allows you to "favorite" any file you like so that you can access it and read it on your iPhone when you're offline.
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