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Originally Posted by Leo Keichi View Post
Kyon's name is one of the most well-kept secrets in SHnY. A more well-kept secret than his name would be only... Kyon's sister's name.

But I wouldn't be surprised if in the last novel there was a dialogue between Haruhi and Kyon like this:

Haruhi: By the way, Kyon, you've never told me your real name.
Kyon: Hm, and why do you want to know this now?
Haruhi: I was just asking, you don't have to tell me if you don't want it, silly.
Kyon: It's Watanabe Tomoya.
Haruhi: Watanabe... Tomoya? Such a common name! That's not funny at all! I, as the leader of the SOS Brigade, order you to change it to something more interesting!
Kyon: You wish! That's been my name my whole life, there's nothing wrong with it! Do you think you can simply go and start changing people's names now!?
Is this a matter of Haruhi having completley different tastes than Sasaki? Cause when she heard it she thought it was regal sounding.

OTOH, it's kind of deranged that Haruhi wouldn't know Kyon's name. They know he has a real name. Haruhi and Mikuru never bother to call him it.
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