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T S U N D E R E!!!! aww mai gawd... how relaxing it is, hearing the almighty tsundere queen's voice again...hmmm
I get a sense that she's actually a bit softer than either Louise or Shana.
Spoiler for you can find out reading the novels:

We still haven't seen a good dere dere scene from her. But, we should see some soon in ep 5 and 6.
i have a very strong feeling, that you will enjoy ep 5... and all aria lovers will...

I like her more than shirayuki, because shirayuki is a bit idiot... she sees love in every little move of kinji...i just want her to see the reality... i've never liked the "livinginadreamworld" girls
Aria is... SIMPLY THE BEST!!! next year, she will definitely win ISML...
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