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Originally Posted by justinstrife View Post
Guess I'm the only one watching this show who does NOT like Aria.
Quite a few people don't like her, actually.
But after episodes 4 and 5, I can't possibly see how. She's much less selfish compared to the first two episodes. In fact, I don't think she's selfish or unlikable at all, after Bullet 5. She's not even that violent anymore. Instead of punching Kinji like I thought she would do, she just shoved him off the bed.

About the censorship: Is that JC's fault or Ishihara's fault, I wonder. Because of that new stupid law and all...that Tokyo Youth Ordinance Bill? At any rate, it's only affecting Aria atm for looking like a child. You see that Riko's perfectly safe from it, stripping to make her epic escape.
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