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Originally Posted by Chiibi View Post
About the censorship: Is that JC's fault or Ishihara's fault, I wonder. Because of that new stupid law and all...that Tokyo Youth Ordinance Bill? At any rate, it's only affecting Aria atm for looking like a child. You see that Riko's perfectly safe from it, stripping to make her epic escape.
You know, the whole ordeal reminds me of that "infamous" OH ep5. Shizuku got censored to death (with no apparent reason, since she's still shown covering her loli-nipples with her arms in DVDs), whereas Himari big ones... magically escaped the censors' wrath. (with only her hair conveniently covering her nipples)

It makes me think it's standard procedure when dealing with loli, pettanko or seemingly 'flat/of childlike appearance' characters.

I don't think it's because of the Ishi-Baka's law though. Despite its vague wording, that law should be specifically targeted towards anime/manga ala YnS, or Aki Sora.
but... anything is possible, of course.
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