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Originally Posted by The_Marshal_AEB
I'll tell you something verry simple, as you pay more price on a model it'll be more complex to assemble where it goes difficult as follows:

1. nonscale 1/144
2. HG1/144 & 1/100 same level
3. MG1/100 & 1/60 same level
4. PG1/60

this is reguardless the painting and any extras
I think the whole "model level x" thing the American market tries to push is bullshit. You don't need any l33t hax0r skills to assemble an accurately moulded gunpla. You just cut out parts from the tree, maybe trim/sand the excess then snap-fit it with another part, as indicated by the manual.

As the kit grade goes up, there's more parts to be cut/trimmed/snap fit'd. Nothing more. You're essentially doing the same thing.
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