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Originally Posted by OverFunk View Post
10 bux say that at least one of them, if not the three, are from Clannad.

And I bet these KyoAni fans forgot about Air. The difference of hype.

Also one of them could be Sakura. That makes me ask, is it really fair to have both of them? 90% of people will find Sakura-chan more moe than Sakura-hime.

Then again, it could be really interesting to find out
Here's my take on KyoAni fans and Air: Air was the first KyoAni production, so it was kind of a prototype to where everyone goes. KyoAni used Air and improved on it for Kanon, so typically, Kanon girls are more moe than Air girls. And now Clannad is overshadowing Kanon in terms of moe.

If you look at it from 2005's Saimoe Japan statistics, Air didn't really do so well - just one girl finished in the top 16 (Kannabi no Mikoto, 8th place), and there weren't as huge as a faction then, so generally speaking, many KyoAni fans won't remember Air at all. I don't think KyoAni became a huge threat until Haruhi Suzumiya came by.

And as for the Sakura situation, unlike little Nanoha and big Nanoha, Sakura-chan and Sakura-hime are from two different series that have little to do with each other than the fact that the same names were used, so I am treating them as separate. Also, Sakura-chan participating in this tournament may be a plus to Sakura-hime, since although Sakura-hime will probably blow the match against Sakura-chan, there may be some sort of an alliance that can pull her through with a better finish than projected.

I so wish I can spoil the results as of today, but I can't, since a leak in information will result in changes in voting patterns, kind of like what happened in Saimoe Japan 2007. I can only be cryptic in these kinds of things.
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