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Originally Posted by minhtam2448 View Post
Here's my take on KyoAni fans and Air: Air was the first KyoAni production, so it was kind of a prototype to where everyone goes. KyoAni used Air and improved on it for Kanon, so typically, Kanon girls are more moe than Air girls. And now Clannad is overshadowing Kanon in terms of moe.
Not totally correct (though one might argue Air is the "first" because it is their first stand alone production). There is Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu and some other projects before IIRC.

The thing is... I doubt Air has any "lessened" impact despite the vintage considering how Misuzu is quite big in term of popularity. That said, aside of Kanna, Michuru, Kano etc might have been forgotten in the flow of memories

And as for the Sakura situation, unlike little Nanoha and big Nanoha, Sakura-chan and Sakura-hime are from two different series that have little to do with each other than the fact that the same names were used, so I am treating them as separate.
As a CLAMP fan, I seconds it a lot, because even though both Sakura are kinda similar, they are definitely different, and it has nothing to do with the plot part of "dimension" nor the age. They are acting and their mindset are quite different, although their harbor the same assets and personality traits.

Here are my votes:

5 & 4: Might be a little bias considering they are my favourite CLANNAD female characters, but simply, Nagisa screams "moe" for me, considering he assets, personality and hardship/actions.
Kyou, meanwhile, is the kind of genki & aggressive girl which is quite well blended with her assets and careness.
3: I don't exactly have a insane fond of moeblob (I like this type of characters, but don't exactly scream "moe moe", as ironic as the term imply), Hanyuu is a heavy gunner in such traits, twisted with devotion and such. She should rejoin the front with Rena and Rika
2: I don't think I need to give justification for the widely infamous Sakura-chan, one of the earliest and foundators of "Moe".
1: Despite Kaname is my favourite character along with Sousuke, Tessa deserves the "moe" title in the franchise.
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