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Originally Posted by chronotrig View Post
Uh, like I said though, a lot of the stuff I've posted is incorrect, some of it provably so. So take it with a grain of salt.
I've chosen to stop posting my theories, and even deleted my last few posts since they went a bit too far. The final answer won't be out for most of a year, and this seems like the best way to keep spoilers off the web and let people solve it for themselves. It wouldn't do anyone any good if I posted my theory.
I've seen people say things like this before. Unless you provide us with some concrete proof that you've solved everything, you merely look like one of those idiots who only asserts that he's solved everything just so he can go "I KNEW IT ALL ALONG" when the answers are finally revealed.

Not that I'm saying that you're actually doing this, but that's what it looks like from my point of view.

If you're that certain of what the gold text is, you could, at least, post it for those interested under several layers of spoilers, thus both giving us ignorant masses something to work with and also proving that you've reached the truth, since you're so positive about that and all.

Thanks for your time. Again, I mean no insult here. I just want some clarification.
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