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Originally Posted by chronotrig View Post
You call it arrogant, but my only options are tell you or not tell you. If I tell you, then many people who don't want to be spoiled will get spoiled. I know the internet. That's how things work. That's why so many push us to translate quickly, is it not?
Again, you talk like you already know the answers for certain, and that revealing your theory would be equivalent to spoiling Ep8 for everyone. This is what we mean by 'arrogant'.

Originally Posted by chronotrig View Post
That method is going to make things hard. To truly solve the game, you need to figure out why all of this happens. That's the only way that you can find the true answer to the closed rooms instead of just an answer.
Wheh. How would figuring out the 'why' of things instantly help me to figure out the 'how' of things? I highly doubt the truth of the games is intimately connected to how the closed rooms are formed. They're just closed room tricks, the sort Battler said you could find if you bought a bunch of mystery books with that theme and flipped through them all.
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