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Actually, it's a hard question to say. As far as I know, only penetrative intercourse is referred to as "sex" in Japan. There are other terms for things like oral and intercrural. Anyway, it IS completely doable. It's all a matter of stimulation. If you sufficiently stimulate it, it'll respond, whether you're conscious, unconscious, willing or unwilling. All the more so with a guy in the midst of puberty with more hormones than blood in his veins. For that matter, while it would be very difficult, I imagine it would be possible to physically force it in without erection. Wouldn't be easy but may still count. Depending on how sadistic this King is, the very fact that it was in there for a second may have counted, at which point she could stop... or, judging by the sadism demonstrated, it may very well be that compliance wasn't accepted until the very end.
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