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I really enjoyed the first episode fo Shakugan no Shana III, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Before III, I watched the S series and at the end of it we see a deserted Misaki City with no signs of Saito, Kazumi, Marjorie, and Yuji. It got me wondering if Yuji perished or was capture by the enemy.

I haven't read the novels, but it really shocked me that Yuji purposely decides to leave and join and lead the forces of evil. I mean what happened to make him do this?

Like I previously stated, I haven't read the novels, but so far it's got me hooked and I really want to see more, and how Shana is going to save Yuji.

I give the series an obvious 9/10. It doesn't get a perfect because they didn't bring Mami Kawada back for the opening or ending, which sucked
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