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Watching the starting episode, the very Final installment in the Shakugan no Shana series evoked within me that nostalgic feeling from back to six years ago.

I came by random to watch the first Shana anime with no so much of expectations what the story was about, when the prologue to the first episode ran and visually struck me as one of most fantastic and best mind-blowing experiences.

It was precisely in this spooky season six years ago when I first watched Yuuji getting literally thrown into another world of sorts within his own and almost ending as Rinne fodder when the red-eyes, flaming hair slayer unexpectedly came down into the battlefield without presentations.
From that moment Shana struck in my heart as one amongst the strongest and best female warriors in anime, and being voiced by Kugimiya Rie added lots of layers to the character.

The thing is that since with the original route that most of the last arc (+ last episode included) for season two took off I got to say that the continuation of the appointed meeting at the Christmas tree felt within me out of place.

No. I know that's how happens in the novel, but season two's ending messed up the pacing and flow of events; they should had let novels' events adapted for a natural pacing in the anime.

Well, the thing is that Yuuji isn't entirely gone, since both Shana and Kazumi got back their letters addressed to him at the time before his disappearance.

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