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Originally Posted by mangatron View Post
Ah, how long has it been, after so long I finally see... Margery whoohoo there you are girl, totally my favorite girl for this series That ponytail, those pantyhose covered legs, those glasses, if that book had a female trait I'd take it too lol. Make that 3 already for the pantyhose season of Fall

Ahem yes this series is Shana. The start of the episode...Uhm... it's nice to see you too! Look at you girl, all growed up! But you're still fla- *gets sliced by a burning sword*

*cough* yes, it has been a long time for me, mainly because I have to confess, I totally missed most of season II, save for the first 2 eps. My question: have I comitted a serious erreur in not resuming Season II? During it's run I heard things about how bad it was [compared to S1], although now I'm thinking that must have been yet another joke as I instead finished Zero no Tsukaima S2 and found that enjoyable, despite the naysaying.

So should I resume S2, or are those little flashbacks here and there in this ep good enough for me?
Yeah, I think you should resume the second season. You'll miss out on some important things if you skip over it, namely character development. To name a couple of examples, Season 2 is where Shana's relationship with Yoshida transforms from a hateful rivalry into a warm friendship, and Shana also develops a lot, losing much of her edge and changing from a super intense tsundere to an easygoing, deredere girl that's very protective of Yuji (Granted, much of this development happens during the first season, but there's still a marked difference between the Shana of late Season 1 and the Shana of Season 2).

And, of course, I don't think you'd dislike the second season anyway. The 4-5 episodes of down-to-earth romance stuff doesn't seem like something you'd hate, and the rest of the season past that has some badass fights and a story on par with the first series'. I'll never get the rampant hate for Shana II, I always enjoyed it more than the original.
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