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Yep, I did get that feeling sometimes too, especially in anime,movies,mangas,TV dramas, etc that have mediocre stories with badly written script or a protagonist that acts foolishly. Beside from ecchi/embarassing moments, I usually get that reaction a lot from watching shonen filler episodes where they get all sentimental or emotional while spouting obvious lines like “I’ll never give up!”, “No way I’ll lose!”, “Good will prevail, evil begone!” and other cheesy things like that. All that is good if the fights are inspired but most of the time they are not. The more experienced you are, the more reactions like that you get. Still, when I do like the general story, I usually brace myself and continue on.

I learned my lesson from them. Now, I only watch anime that I’m sure is ‘smart’ enough to pick my interest. I no longer waste my time watching mediocre harems like Da Capo, Girls Bravo, Hyakka Ryouran, Shuffle etc. Also, If I want to see characters make a fool out of themselves, I’d better off watching comedy like School Rumble where the characters’ foolishness is actually intentional and funny not cringe-worthy or facepalm-inducing. That’s why I prefer watching Beelzebub over Guilty Crown.
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