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Huh, that's definitely a first for me. I went the entire episode actually focused on the story and without wishing that the show would end early.

I'm glad that they're finally putting focus on the financial aid students since that's where the biggest potential lies imo. But they're still irritatingly skimpy on the details. When Oojima decided to add it to his manifesto why didn't they talk about how that is affected by Satsuki's manifesto which they know includes financial aid students too? The way the story tries to swerve round issues like that so they can leave it for later feels way too forced. A good chance to finally clear things up too.

Chisato was indeed incredibly annoying this episode. I was pretty apathetic to her to begin with so it didn't take much to make me pissed off with her. But you what? I'm glad they've taken this direction. It finally adds something to her painfully flat character. I'm guessing the only reason we don't sympathise with her is because they're still refusing to explain to us why she's like that. Unfortunately that's a pretty bad way to go, since in the end we might be too pissed off with her to even hear the explanation by the end of it. So let's just hope to God that they clear the whole thing up next episode and get it over and done with. I still can't say I like the way they just throw in the drama when it comes to the characters. For me it hurt Satsuki's episodes too.
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