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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
I'm not entirely sure that they're just "leaving it for later". It could just be that these details aren't terribly important within the narrative itself.
It's true that they've given far more focus to the mechanics of politics rather than the political philosophies (so much so that I couldn't help but find it ironic) but I do think they actually plan to focus on the policies as well. I mean I can't imagine the scene where Oojima reads Satsuki's manifesto whilst Isara gets bullied to be insignificant in the long run. After that, I was almost certain it would be one of the central issues at the end. In fact after this episode I'm pretty sure it will be. It's still a loose character thread with both Satsuki and Isara and it looks to be an issue on Yakumo's side now that we've learnt that the reason behind his drop is linked to the matter and now that Yumi Osawa has been thrown into the mix.

But still, even if it's not the main focus, it's not okay to force the issues away anyway. That scene where Oojima declares the financial aid students as part of his manifesto was obviously about his policies. And they also know that Satsuki's policies are about the aid students so naturally you'd think the conversation would follow in that direction. But it doesn't. They don't even consider it, even though it's the first thing I'd consider immediately. It's hard to feel for characters when they occasional act completely outside of any sort of logic, even if it's a supposedly minor thing like that. And it's not as if the way Oojima's new found manifesto being affected by Satsuki's manifesto isn't linked to the mechanics of the politics either so they don't really have any reason not to go there anyway.
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