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Okay, on closer look, the red seems to be part of the Aile stiker pack. But at first glance, it looks like a BuCUE to me. So what is that yellow dot?
Im quite certain that the yellow is the forehead camera, I swear it was yellow when active

You can also see the distinct Strike shoulders

As a random more pleasant off topic question to everyone:

What are the top 10 scenes in the DESTINY remaster are you looking forward to? (Assuming the scene gets the remastered treatment)

For me:
1. Sword Impulse debut in Episode 1
2. Fall of Junius Seven and the beautiful music that accompanied that beautiful scene of destruction
3. Kira crashing his sister's wedding in a WMD (YOLO)
4. Heine being a badass in a Gouf
5. Destroy battle in Berlin
6. Freedom getting destroyed (haters gonna hate, cant wait for that scene to air again and watch the fighting among the fans that ensues, gonna be quite the show XD)
7. Strike Freedom debut (TM Revolution: Vestige FTW!)
8. The debut of the Akatsuki (I love that scene, especially the song that started with the suits activation)
9. Gouf crashing on Yuna (trullz, any bets it gets remastered? Im going to laugh so hard if it did)
10. Final Battle (probably gonna be all remastered clip repeats from the Orb battle, oh the irony XD, I mainly want to see if the change stuff, like DAMAGE the SF for gods sake)
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