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Last time I can vote in the 15-19 category... wow, I've been here since I was... *checks* 14!
I don't think I've gotten much smarter after a certain point, in fact I can feel my intelligence dropping day by day. I wonder what's the average age at which AS users tend to "tune out" of the forum and cease regular visits. That would probably be impossible to find out, though.

In a month and 11 days I'd have been here for five years. That's nearly a quarter of my life! Somehow I'm not surprised though, AS is a place I like coming back to.
I sometimes wonder what I'd be doing when I'm 70. Imagine watching Dennou Coil and crying tears of nostalgia? Or telling young kids about The Olde Dayse of 4chan and when the Internet Felt Revolutionary... bumping into another AS oldie in a hospital ward: were you there when the MFI incident happened? Oh, those were the days... and so on.
Thanks for the fish
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