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Originally Posted by Haak View Post
So you're telling me that Slice of Life anime is not meant to be realistic?
Ok, I hope you know that "Slice of Life" isn't the only genre it's labeled as, right?

Originally Posted by Haak View Post
Exactly I don't buy in to the idea. That was my point. I'm sure I understand it but I find that in a lot of arguments between people it's always because of some misunderstanding, so just for for clarifications I'd like you to explain the whole purpose of the illusionary world and how it ties in with the theme of the show.

Ok, it's obvious that arguments occur because people have misunderstandings, that's why we argue, to make everything clear through reasoning and facts but that's besides the point here.

If you didn't understand the Illusionary world, then you didn't completely grasp the theme of the show. The purpose of the illusionary world (I'll use IW from now on to make things short) is to slowly introduce us to the fantasy elements of the show in which you're confused about. The IW is also there to further exemplify the meaning of the light orbs and such. If you pay attention to Kotomi's arc in season 1 of Clannad, that does a pretty good job at explaining how the IW exists in the first place so it's not like they completely ignored the existence of the IW.

The IW ties in with the theme simply by existing. Without the IW, we wouldn't have gotten the existence of alternate universes and the importance of family. After Nagisa's death, Tomoya completely ignored his daughter and took for granted that she was healthy and alive and when he finally realized that he had a daughter, she dies and then Tomoya collapses and dies as well (I think this ending would have pissed more people off then the current ending.) Tomoya's desire to save Ushio was so strong that his wish came true to put it simply. And that's where we get the world where Nagisa and Ushio live.

Originally Posted by Haak View Post
Okay, I'm at lost for words here because I can't see how it CAN'T be a Slice of Life anime so I'm guessing we have vastly different definitions of slice of life. To be fair I haven't seen that many Slice of Life animes so I may be wrong here but I thought episodes 9 to 20 were a good example of Slice of Life.
Ok, nobody here said that this anime wasn't slice of life. The concept isn't that difficult to grasp. Like I said before, this anime isn't isolated to being only slice of life, it's a mixture of genres. (e.g. - Slice of Life, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, School Life, etc.)

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