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You're making things more difficult for yourself here. Slice of Life is exactly what the name implies, elements in the plot that shows us the everyday life. Fantasy is fictional and just stuff that doesn't happen in real life (e.g. - Miracles, IW, etc.) I can't see how Fantasy enhances Slice of Life since they completely contradict each other. Still, let's not continue this part of the discussion because we don't control the genres of the show. So let's focus on the more significant aspects, shall we?
That's not what I meant. I mean how does the fantasy elements allow character development to occur. I thought that was the sole purpose of the fantasy elements. Like asking "if this happened, what would you do". Doesn't Slice of Life involve character development that can be translated to everyday life. Well what was the purpose behind the fantasy elemets? It was to enhance the theme of show right? Isn't the theme a part of slice of life?


I'm sorry but could you re-read my post again because the answers to your questions are right there. I'll answer all your questions with one response again but before I do, let's clarify something here. Nagisa's development halted in episode 16 when she died so we can't really say that she had development after the miracle considering she's the reason that there needed to be one.

Again, Tomoya ignored his daughter for 4 of 5 years and turned to smoking, drinking and gambling during that time. He didn't realize that Nagisa wasn't the only person in his family. There was Ushio who needed his guidance and love. The whole point of the miracle was to teach Tomoya what it takes to be a father and at the same time to forgive his own father for the mistakes he made because Tomoya himself couldn't do any better when placed in the same position as his father. If there were no miracle, then we would not have gotten any development considering Tomoya just collapsed alongside his daughter in the snow and died. Even this "miracle" coincides with the family theme.
I thought that development occured in episode 18 and 19 already.

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