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Yes, the development did occur before the miracle but what development do we have if all that was left was a dead family. The point of episode 22 was self-realization for Tomoya. The miracle occurred because he had the choice to either never meet Nagisa where nothing ever happened or do it all over again no matter the circumstances. If Tomoya had never met Nagisa, then he would have never forgiven his father and he would have went on to live his life as a delinquent resentful of his life. The character development that we had was shown at the end of episode 22 where Tomoya and his family go to visit his father where his grandmother lives. Without the miracle, there would be no one alive.
Okay there are two things here. First of all to say that all we have is a dead family if the miracle didn't occur isn't a good reason. The whole reason why plot devices are made is primarily because of reasons like this. Because they reached a dead end that nobody would like. Have you ever watched Bleach?

Second of all. I don't mind a miracle occuring but I wish it just wasn't too perfect. To me it's going against the theme of Tomoya trying to live through an imperfect world. If the miracle were imperfect then I wouldn't have minded.

Something like the garbage doll realising who he is becomes the real Tomoya who realises that he can use the light orbs to save Nagisa and a have perfect life but realises that somewhere along the line it would mean a bad thing for someone else like Akio did so instead realeses the light orbs and this stops the blizzard saving him and Ushio in the illusionary world and then they both figure that Nagisa might be the illsuionary world somewhere too so they go on a search to find her. Something like that! The same character development would've occured and it would've kept to the whole 'an imperfect world' theme.

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