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Originally Posted by arkhangelsk View Post
We are up to the would-be Volume 10 now.
Spoiler for Vol 10:

Of course, it makes no sense by our worldview, but then, normal (even anime-normal) logic rules for "Face Heel Turns" have been going mad since Volume 8

Spoiler for Vol 8 for those few who really hadn't found out yet:

A reason is symbolically attached, but by our worldview (even watching an anime) would have considered entirely inadequate, yet no one (even Cruz) seems to be the least bit bothered.

I guess the author is just going down the path where if you need something to happen plotwise regardless of its absurdity, just have it happen. Don't even try to justify it because it'll make you look worse. In Suspension of Disbelief all we can say is that the zeitgeist in the BS is just ... different...
Thanks for the correction. On the volume 8 spoiler: Do you not like that that happened? That was one of my favorite parts. And needless does go from seriousness to absurdity and vice versa with a flip of a page. Thats why i dont like the anime as much its sticks to the comedy far more than the seriousness. Also
Spoiler for needless chapter 56:

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