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And find them eventually.
But anyway speaking of Cruz's growth, if Kami Imai decides to go with the easy way out and gives Cruz a power do you guys have any you'd prefer he get. For me the only one i think might work would be is if he gets a fragment which does not give him any powers but lets him make other Needless stronger for a short time. Like an enhancement ablity or something.
If "God" is just going to go down the Fragment route, he might as well give Cruz a real ability. Boost (or healing) magics provide very little room to use in developing character, much less than him doing either the fighting or thinking. Even "Shield" would be better.

I doubt we will be seeing Cruz's fragment at all. Certainly not this round. Hatfield's power seems set to a "Stronger, but not quite unbeatable with what we know they have" level, rather than the "So Outrageously superior that we are already all waiting for the deux ex machina..." level. It will be a waste to burn this setup with Cruz's New Fragment.

Anyway, I'm optimistic that this author will solve Ch71 and 72 in an honest manner. If he doesn't, however, Cruz getting a fragment is quite frankly near the bottom of my list of typical deux ex machinas authors might employ in these situations.

Spoiler for Long rant here:

If Mio was a protagonist, I'll be waiting for this to happen (the former subvariant), but she isn't. If they DO play this it suggests her "promotion". It is one of the reasons I like watching her - moe airheads are dime a dozen but the fact she's not a protagonist makes it harder to determine how it'll play out.

Besides, as I said, I'm really looking for the author to play it honest.

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