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Originally Posted by Mr.Kyon View Post
Entirely Chaos2Frozen's fault, I take no responsibility for a certain crack story I wrote
Oh sure, blame the victim...

Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
No, Stiyl has illusions runes at his disposition. If they can't find him they can't shoot him. They guy relies on those kind of tricks and other more, thats why he gets that phisically weak by using all his energy on magic.
I'm assuming illusion magic has some unspoken conditions, that they can only be use depending on the situation otherwise let face it, it could really help for alot of his previous fights or be intergrated into his standard fighting style.

Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post

I just noticed but in some forums Uiharu seems to be hated, some calls her "talkative pot", the scene where Kakine stomps her is called "fanservice" or just they Kakine an hero. Ok, I can't wait years to see more of these opinions if a third season ever gets animated .
Well, the Japanese fanbase have vastly radical thinking than us...

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