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Originally Posted by Rurik View Post
ugh, so Tobi could had the 10 tails just by using portion of the tailed beast and not the complete beast? with this and how Orochimaru was revived has been one of Kishis lowest moments.
It makes sense, we all want to see the ultimate monster but we don't want Naruto to lose the kyuubi for that. Many chapters ago my assumption was that for this to happen Bee will have to be taken out just like the other 7, and that Tobi will somehow get the kyuubi chakra out of the death god. But Kishimoto did different tricks to make it happen. Bee's funny escape was ok, i liked it, also Bee had a good role later so it made sense to not kill him off. But the story about Kinkaku and Ginkaku surviving being eaten by the kyuubi sounds lame. So when Tobi went to the battlefield to take the kyuubi's chakra it became obvious that his goal is to have all 9 chakra types. So i assumed Tobi wants to do a moon tsukiyomi concentrated only on the alliance ninja army, because he would be unable to do a global tsukiyomi with that little chakra, but in this chapter he tells he can do it. I expected that he would make the alliance army attack Naruto, that would be fun. I guess Tobi is either lying or he will be interrupted somehow. If it's really global then the interesting thing will be that only Sasuke can break out of it, assuming Kakashi's words when he first fought Itachi are true even now.

Even more fun would be to have a few chapters of agony and tragedy where most of the cast is killed off, and then it turns out it was all an illusion. If it's only an illusion then Kishimoto can really go to the extremes without killing anyone.

BTW Tobi's solution reminded me of the ending of the NGE anime
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