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How would Obito know the history of Konoha, know Madara, gain so much power and manipulate some many powerful ninja?
That last question is simple... he pretended to be madara. BY pretending to be madara and displaying powers that allowed others to think he was telling the truth he was able to get them to follow him. He used that identity to get Pain under his wing, and then he used Pain to influence all of the other powerful missing-nin... Also he kept many of them in line with plots of world domination.

Realistically if Obito some how survived the incident that presumably killed him at best he would be Kakashi's equal not a Ninja master mind approaching the power of a God.
you forget, obito was a Uchiha, the clan with the bloodline eyes that get the most hax techniques and power ups. I mean when it comes down to, Sasuke went from genin to incredibly powerful ninja in the course of 3 years; Really so hard to think Obito could do the same?

But with that said, there is one sharp thorn in the side of the Tobito theory. The ninetails attack. As we saw, Tobi attacked kohona with the ninetails 15 years ago. This would have been After otito's "death" but it would have been too soon for him to have acquired Madara's powers (plus he would have been to young and short to fit the role)... So the only way for Obito to be tobi would be is that tobi that attacked back then was a different tobi, or if Tobi is some kind of entity that's been pulling some kind of body switching-trick like orochimaru to keep himself alive and young and thus saved obito so that he could use him as his latest host... either that, or maybe the sharingan has time travel powers now... Which by that point we are getting quite ridiculous, and now things are feeling rather convoluted
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