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Originally Posted by yakumo-chan View Post
I am 99% sure that TObi is someone we knew or a character that was introduced before,
because it would be nonsense to hide his face for almost 5 years,
That's a good point. Geez I wish it was possible for Tobi to be one of the former Hokages...that would have been epic. Obviously it can't happen because of the whole death god thing, but it would have been super

Originally Posted by Apollian View Post
Hold on Guys, Tobi could still be Kagami Uchiha, he's old enough, kagami is "assumed" to be dead so know one knows if his really die or alive?, he was the student of the 2nd Hokage, which could explain his space time ninjitsu also, and was team mates with danzo, so that could also explain how he knew so well about danzo, I'm still holding out, but if it is Obito, I think we would all be winners on that and Kisi would have given up on holding out on us all for this long. worse kept Secret ever told as all of us at one point thought that Tobi is Obito.
go on, admit it!.. I dare you if you didn't even believe it just for even a second.
Wow, I'd never heard about the possibility of Kagami Uchiha but now that you mention it, it makes a TON of sense. A lot more than Tobi being Obito, at the very least
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