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Originally Posted by battle22 View Post
I think the voice for her was perfect, It could belong to both male and female, As for her sprite, Even when I read the original , I thought Lion was female, Until Will said which gender she was, then went wtf lol, Loved that feeling of shock
Heh, a matter of opinion. I couldn't figure Lion out based on either the portrait, OR his original sprite ... I personally think the PS3 version makes it far too femenine looking/sounding, but, eh.

Though to be fair, I also thought Kanon was a girl pretty much until he died in Episode 4 of the anime, and he has the only "androgynous" sounding voice, to me. I don't think I'd believe Lion's voice as a boy, and Zepar's voice sounds too ... exaggerated? Though they're all voiced by women, so, /shrug

Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
It's final destination all over again, if they somehow escape their fate they NEED to die in some other way. Berkanstel then will reveal that of all the possible versions of Rokkenjima in existence everyone dies even when there's no Yasu, even where there's no explosion and even when there's no family meeting!
I would just, I would read this SO HARD. That reminds me, I gotta get back to the other piece youw ere writing with Erika investigating that school murder...

Originally Posted by jjblue1 View Post
The really weird thing isn't that she's in Kuwadorian, it's that she offers no explanation about how or why she got there.
They aren't so cold they don't look at the servants in the faces, and the matter becomes even more serious when you think at Battler, George and Jessica (or Erika, unless she was really that sure that servants couldn't be the culprits she never spared them a second glance
On the first part, you're right, Eva's complete silence is confusing. Also that we're never told anything about the state she was found in. You'd think Ange would track down one of the first officers to arrive before she goes talking to conspiracy theorists off the internet.

On the other part, well, in EP2 Kyrie and Rosa were probably both asked to just lie. The only time it becomes a REAL problem is EP4, where at best we get "well it was dark and raining and she was high up."
Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
I think they just don't want to get their hands dirty.
Hm, that would explain it. According to what we've just read, Krauss used "we have to think of Jessica" to make himself feel not-awful about complying, but you still think we'd get some passing notion of "Even Godha? Even MARIA..?", since the epitaph only describes 11 or 13 deaths.
Originally Posted by Drifloon View Post
It's weird because EP3's ???? repeatedly implies that Eva has the gold, somehow. Which contradicts everything else in the series, so it's probably best ignored, but it's still weird.
Hm, she's either speaking metaphorically about it, or maybe referring to her current mass of gold (her actual assets as of 1998).
Or, why not, the gold mountain still exists at the Kuwadorian. Eva bribed every single person, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who might expose it's existence with a gold ingot to themselves. Those things permeated the Tokyo underground for the next 10 years before all being properly traded off, and Ange never heard of them because she's a good girl who doesn't hang out in bad places. By the time of of EP8's ???, Ikuko's probably tracking them down for shiggles. Will demand her funeral to involve locking the entire mountain of them, and Eva's unlocked diary, into her own crypt with the words "Ahaha.wav" etched into the stone above. Tohya takes a moment to reevaluate his choices in romantic partners.
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