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Originally Posted by Drifloon View Post
It's weird because EP3's ???? repeatedly implies that Eva has the gold, somehow. Which contradicts everything else in the series, so it's probably best ignored, but it's still weird.
I think it's more likely Eva got Kinzo's money and called it Kinzo's gold. Also she might have inherited the bank accound and got an extra share from that one.

It's also possible though that Eva just made money through her business and people thought she instead finally decided to use Kinzo's inheritance. In the beginning if I'm not wrong Eva's finances were so bad she went so far as selling Kinzo's library to get some money...
Eva simply never corrected their belief her money came from the gold and not from her hard work.

Originally Posted by Kealym View Post
On the first part, you're right, Eva's complete silence is confusing. Also that we're never told anything about the state she was found in. You'd think Ange would track down one of the first officers to arrive before she goes talking to conspiracy theorists off the internet.
Yes, it's interesting how Ange never went to the police to have a report on what had happened. It's as if she completely forgot they investigated and might have discovered things they didn't reveal to the newspapers.

She's all for the 'let's hear the complete unprofessional guys' opinions and forget about the guys who first hand investigated the facts and the island with the proper means.'
It's an incongruence.

Originally Posted by Kealym View Post
On the other part, well, in EP2 Kyrie and Rosa were probably both asked to just lie. The only time it becomes a REAL problem is EP4, where at best we get "well it was dark and raining and she was high up."
Yes, it's possible they were told to lie but this would make both Kyrie and Rosa accomplice and prove right from the beginning Beato wasn't going to keep the promise of sparing them since Kyrie is offed at the first twilight in EP 2.

Originally Posted by Kealym View Post
Hm, that would explain it. According to what we've just read, Krauss used "we have to think of Jessica" to make himself feel not-awful about complying, but you still think we'd get some passing notion of "Even Godha? Even MARIA..?", since the epitaph only describes 11 or 13 deaths.
Well, undoubtely they're portrayed with pretty low morals.
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