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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
It's certainly illegal. But I'm not so sure it doesn't still happen.

And while I'm unclear about legality in that world, I'm sure it's also discouraged, at least where they get more regular access to the network. I mean, just being creepy in public can get you in serious trouble...

My point is, that case was a bit of a freak. As it would be in our world, but freaks do exist.

I wouldn't be so sure about that. We've only begun to explore the world of Psycho-Pass, so who's to say that there's not many other workplaces with issues similar to this factory's?

You yourself wondered why the manager of this factory wasn't caught in some kind of liability law. You rightly asked "So why isn't he treated like a boss who poisons his employees and dumps toxic waste on the rest of society?"

Maybe it's because bosses like this aren't all that rare in the world of Psycho-Pass, and different places of employment just keep trading their "toxic waste" off on one another, if you catch my drift.

The world of Psycho-Pass increasingly strikes me as a place that has put Law and Order above everything else, including liberty, equality, and even basic human dignity. Psycho-Pass wouldn't be the first narrative to argue that when society starts treating human beings as nothing more than collections of numbers, that society naturally becomes cold, dehumanized, harsh, and uncaring.
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