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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
You're correct, she reacts like any normal girl would, and that's precisely the problem.
No, I think most normal girls (and most normal guys, for that matter) would be on the verge of completely giving up by now, if they hadn't already. I doubt many would have been able to make the firm promise to Inui that Saki did in this episode.

Honestly, the way some people on this thread are criticizing Saki makes me think of some of the harshest criticisms that Shinji Ikari received. In both cases, I really feel like the extremely bleak situation that the criticized character is forced to deal with, and has been dealing with for almost his/her entire life, is not getting the focus it deserves.

Neither Saki or Shinji are above criticism, but I think it's getting overblown when we consider narrative context.

I was under the impression Saki was supposed to be special.
She is special. Most probably would have crumbled by now. Have you really stopped to think about how absolutely horrific Saki's personal situation has been since Yakomaru made his move?

Here's the thing - It's not that Saki is weak, it's that Satoru is almost unbelievably unflappable. Satoru is a badass. The guy stares death in the face with unreal composure. The strength Satoru has shown throughout the past few episodes is nothing short of pure heroism.

She is the future leader of the village, and seeing a leader act like she does (complaining about freaking bugs while she's on a mission to save humanity) is quite worrisome.
So what are you saying? That people with arachnophobia can't be good leaders?

The bigger problem is that her characterization is inconsistent. She has been put in a very stressful situation when she was just a kid (powerless and stranded in hostile territory with only Satoru by her side, a predicament not unlike the one she is in currently), and yet she managed to remain fairly composed and power through it.
Back then, she had not witnessed anybody else die. Dangerous situations take on a more ominous feel once you have visual confirmation that yes, they can kill you. Kids don't always fully register this like adults do because not all kids have experienced the heart-wrenching loss that confirms their fears.

Modern Saki has watched numerous people get brutally killed right in front of her eyes. She's even seen a man that "could split the world in half" get brutally killed.

The only reason she's made it this far is her plot armor, not her own strength. I expected better from her.
I really don't think you're being fair here. That is not the only reason she's made it that far. At least part of the reason that Saki has made it this far is her own strength.

Originally Posted by creb View Post
If Saki had a history of weakness...well, the show probably wouldn't be as engaging as it has been, but while she hasn't been superwoman, she's been remarkably strong in the travails she and her friends have been through as children.
Yes, but such travails can leave lasting scars over time. Scars that can later re-emerge when facing new travails.

Adult Saki on the other hand seems to be bordering on hysteria/delusions, as if reality is so unbearable she has to escape into some fantasy where she can let herself be caught between her two crushes.
Do you really think all the Shun bits are just 100% delusion on Saki's part? Rather convenient, don't you think, for this "delusion" to correctly inform Saki that Maria's child is not a fiend (sorry, but it's now too much for this to be just a red herring; I'll be shocked if he really is a fiend).

I'm inclined to think that Shun really did do something to Saki to cause this imagery of him to keep coming up for her. In other words, it's not just her going crazy, it's what Shun did to her having its intended effect even years after he passed on.

Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
The problem I have with Saki's behavior is that she's repeatedly shown as being more traumatized and hesitant than pretty much every male colleague she travels with.
Some of the males Saki has traveled or worked with has handled things worse than she did.

In that five-person team that Saki and Satoru ended up being a part of several episodes back, there was one guy that was downright reckless (courageous to a fault, if anything) and there was another guy that was cautious to the point of cowardice.

Then there was that guy who had basically cracked, and said that everybody should split up since otherwise they'd all be killed.

All the other guys that Saki has worked with throughout the last few episodes have been admirably strong, but the three I just discussed didn't keep their wits about them as well as Saki did.
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