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Had to remake my old list because it was terrible!

1.Kanon-Great storyline and surprising ending, all the characters drawn to be cute
(Most people will cry, I didn't but maybe thats cause I have a heart of ice)

2.Fate/ Stay Night-Enthralling story of Magic,Masters and Servants, it looks too cool
(The servants are cool, which will be your favourite?)

3.Vandread-Every man's fantasy , Hibiki finds a home among female space pirates
(Meia Gisborn is possibly coolest female character eva created-strong and silent type,cool eye accesory,blue hair and skin tight space suit=ownage, really surprised that the makers had the will power to stop it turning into yuri )

4.Naruto-Ninja anime,in the ep Dropouts Hidden Power I almost shouted "Hell Yeah" , interesting to see if Naruto will accomplish his dream
(Shame about the fillers, I recommend watching up to the beginning of the star village eps and then paint that wall/fence you never got around to, take your neighbours' dogs for a walk or start your own knitting partys <--- any of these mind numbing tasks will entertain you more.)

5.Ichigo 100%-A harem anime that beats all others, kind of sets the standard
(Wth was up with the talking panties OVA??????? it was rubbish)
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