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Originally Posted by wingdarkness
^He looked alot like Shinn...Totally pi$$ed with one goal in mind...Kill whatever hindered his goal...
Exactly another point that's not as talked about (specifically) where GSD fails. Athrun in that episode was indeed much like Shinn, so he should have been going "Shinn, I know what it's like!" or something like that in PHASE 33 before Shinn "killed" Kira. Even in PHASE 35 or 36 it would'nt have been entirely too late, but nope, he just goes and does "GRAAARGH!!!" *punch* on Shinn in 35 when he had the chance to talk Shinn out of fighting Kira calmy in PHASE 33. >.> He hardly tried to talk Shinn out of it in 33, the circumstances of Impulse vs Freedom in 34, were very much identical to Strike vs Aegis in SEED 30 including Kira being the enemy. Athrun could have smacked down Rey, but he just shut up. >.>
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