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Originally Posted by Demongod86
Are you dense, Eclipze? I do not write fanfiction. And I told dom33 about anything he likes, not just fanfiction (preferrably not!). The two girls in my little custom title...are original. Not existing anime characters. Also, it WAS shown that Lacus was building an army. Or have you conveniently forgotten her floating through her factory?
What the heck? just because I made a little mistake, you have to make a flaming post to me?

Excuse me, I just so happened to read your post regarding how Lacus is a Mary Sue (something like that), and that you'll use them (gundam characters) in some of your writing, which according to you right now isn't fan-fic.

Whats with the Lacus army and your custom title part? are you too dense? Since when was I refering to either of those?

Even though you are a self-proclaimed fanboy, you have just crossed the line of being reasonable in that standard.
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