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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
A.F.K. does a great job of what I'll call "localization" --- carrying the spirit into what an equivalent english-speaking character might say. I just happen to personally prefer things be left as "original to the culture" as possible (especially when the concepts don't directly mesh --- there's a reason we import words like "gestalt" or "tsunami" ... for that matter English is a grand pastiche of other languages -- one reason it is so painful for outsiders to learn well).
I agree with you, but AFK's translation on all their works, have been close to the Japanese culture as they can given the limitations of the English language.

Unless they suddenly translate "Soba and udon" into "Laurel and Hardy" (I've seen translations like this in Japanese films in film festivals), I feel they have been pretty consistent and not too liberal with the translations. It's as if the translations are from a learn how to read/speak/write Japanese textbooks.

Besides, I also like their work, because their typesetting is very excellent.
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