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Originally Posted by Stabman View Post
Umm...people seem to be getting the wrong idea and are getting needlessly upset.

Hamadura is not an official english spelling. Rather, because it's a japanese word, it can't have an english spelling. Romanization is a method of representing a language into a Roman script and, although there are popular styles, there's no official one.

Hamazura, for example, is written using the most popular Hepburn system. Most japanese words you see are written in this style
Hamadura is written using the Nihon-shiki system, generally intended for japanese use.

Basically this: there's no need to concern yourself with the japanese romanization of a word, it has no bearing on how you want to write it. For the japanese turning a word into english simply makes it look cool (or something like that) and they generally don't care/ignore what system it uses.

In the end romanization is mainly intended for our (english speakers) use and so how we write Hamazura as, it will be the norm.
OOOOO i get it......i thought i will change my mind to accept Hamadura name....oh well
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