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Originally Posted by White Silver King View Post
Didn't Robin refuse the meeting with Dragon?
No, she refused at first, but after she got Luffy's "meet in 2 years message" she chose to go with the revolutionaries to meet with dragon in hopes that his guidance might help her grow stronger

Originally Posted by Jouten View Post
Zoro seems to be able to control the curse. I can picture someone giving him a higher grade Kitetsu because he will be impressed by Zoro weilding a Kitetsu and still being alive. Maybe we'll even see Zoro fight with all three Kitetsu swords? (Though that doesn't really make munch sense). But I'm still confused why Zoro's Yubashiri broke instead of Kitetsu. Yubashiri was the better sword...
Because Yubashiri's ONLY real notable quality was that its relatively high grade. There are higher grade swords out there and therefore swords that are more notable. Kitetsu however is cursed, it is a sword that is destined to lead its owners to a grisly fate. Even the highest grade swords do not hold that quality; as such that cursed status is what makes it a more notable between the two...

I would also find it lame for Zoro to replace his current cursed sword for a sharper cursed sword... it would basically be telling the same story all over again.

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