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why should he replace sandai kitetsu? low grade or not, it's still one of the best looking swords and perhaps one of the fiercest ones he has ever owned. wado ichimonji may be an heirloom sword but it has no real history, save for its sentimental value having been owned by kuina. same with yubashiri. cursed swords are common in samurai lore. there are practically hundreds of legends about these swords. one of my japanese friends told me about a legendary cursed sword that killed its masters. it supposedly belonged to a bloodthirsty samurai who killed thousands during his lifetime. when he died, the sword took on his blood thirst and started killing its masters. i believe versions of this story were also used in manga and anime series. oda used sandai kitetsu to tell this part of the samurai lore. whether the sword is low grade or not, it doesn't matter. what matters is the history behind it. besides, i think sandai kitetsu suits zoro's personality quite well. i like the idea that only he can control this ruthless and volatile katana.
Well, it's fairly certain that Wado Ichimonji would not be destroyed precisely due to sentimental value and it's symbolization of Zoro's dream and agreement with Kuina. Unless Oda is trying to make it a HUGE story point for Zoro I don't see that sword getting destroyed.

The most famous of cursed blade are Muramasa, blades made by Muramasa-clan of blacksmith. They have tendency where the owner of those Katana ends up injured or dead because of them.

The problem here, is that all named blade (meito) has it's own history. The story might not be curse related, but they have their own history that makes them identifiable to other. I mean come on, Shusui has history of be a dragon-slaying sword, I personally find that more impressive then a blood thirsty sword.

Originally Posted by ronin myael View Post
why do you think it's his weakest sword? because it's not as expensive as the others? the quality of the sword doesn't just depend on how it was made you know. the samurai believed that their swords were extension of themselves, that's why they used to name their swords. every sword is unique thus every sword has its own qualities and even personalities as the samurai believed. the effectiveness of a sword also depends on its wielder. in the hands of a skilled swordsman, an ordinary sword could be the most lethal weapon in the world. but a perfectly balanced and forged sword could be as deadly as a walking stick in the hands of an unskilled swordsman. zoro is a skilled swordsman, no doubt one of the most skilled swordsmen in the world of one piece. sandai kitetsu is no ordinary sword in my opinion. i think zoro has found his 3 swords. no need for replacement.
Not that it's not expensive, it's because Oda says so. He grades the swords in OP. Mihawk's Yoru is one of the 12 - Saijo O Wazamono sword, highest grade within OP. Shodai Kitetsu (the first gen Kitetsu) is also of this grade.

Both Wado Ichimoji and Shusui (Zoro's current swords) belongs to the next grade, 21 - O Wazamono. Other that confirmed is the Nidai Kitetsu.

Yubashiri that was destroyed in EL belongs to the the third tier, 50 - Ryo Wazamono. Other confirmed are Yamaoroshi and Kashu, both owned by Tashigi when last mentioned.

Sandai Kitetsu is of the lowest grade of Meito, the Wazamono grade. This grade has so far has no number limitation, the other known sword in this grade is Shigure, sgain, owned by Tashigi.

Interesting note is that the Wazamono classification is also used in real live in Japan for Katana makers based on and text from 1805 that rated 228 blacksmith, past and present. The classification and the limitation are the same as Oda used with 12-21-50. The only difference is that in real live Wazamono have a list of 80, while Oda didn't specify that number in OP. And the real life listed other 65 blacksmith as Mixed due to the mixed qualities of their blades.

The list is composed by blade testers of the court so is very comprehensive list and it still serve as benchmark for newly made blades or katanas that are newly discovered. The only fault of the list is that some historical famous Katanas from 9th to 15th century were deemed too valuable for test and their makers are thus not in the official grading.

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