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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
^I dunno.... somehow, an island that may or may not be the site of a past nuclear disaster doesn't exactly scream "new crewmate"-material to me.

I do believe that it's pretty much guaranteed that the crew will gain their last two members in the NW, though. Maybe one of them will even be a native from the Wano country, now that we've started to learn more about the location.....

The only thing I have problem with that is that the samurai would be in conflict with Zoro as far as character type. Even though Brook is a swordsman, he was really a different "class-type" compare to Zoro. Zoro, however, despise been called as such, is basically a Post-Sengoku Period samurai. Unless they you are talking about a character that always wears family/clan armor the character will share too much similarity with Zoro IMO.

Originally Posted by ronin myael View Post

the reason i didn't mention shuushui is because i find it impressive as well. but not because of its quality rather because of its history. aside from the fact that it's a dragon slaying katana, it was owned by ryuuma, a legendary samurai! among zoro's swords, shuushui and sandai kitetsu intrigue me the most.
Agree, but the fact that there are two Kitetsu-s above it makes me think that those two other swords would eventually show up.

Beside, with the mention of Wano country and how Zoro is a samurai himself. I beginning to think that Zoro's master and Wado Ichimoji are both related to Wano Country. As I said, you don't become a well-known great sword without any history and in this case, Wado Ichimoji, is still a much better sword than Sandai Kitesu.
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