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Originally Posted by Undertaker View Post
Agree, but the fact that there are two Kitetsu-s above it makes me think that those two other swords would eventually show up.

Beside, with the mention of Wano country and how Zoro is a samurai himself. I beginning to think that Zoro's master and Wado Ichimoji are both related to Wano Country. As I said, you don't become a well-known great sword without any history and in this case, Wado Ichimoji, is still a much better sword than Sandai Kitesu.
hmmm... as someone else said in this thread, zoro is not really a samurai. he never claimed to be one and nobody called him as such. but he was trained in a kenjutsu school and his master did seem like the samurai-type. perhaps his family is connected to wano, perhaps not.

meito are basically famous swords, their fame are usually related to the fame of their masters. the swords' fame don't only depend on their achievements but also on the ones who wielded them in life. it could be that kuina's family was a famous clan of swordsmen. but then again, every samurai clan had at least one meito, so it's not that special, well at least for me it doesn't seem so. during world war 2, several of these meito swords were confiscated from the japanese army. many of these swords are now lost. that's probably why the remaining meito in japan are so well-guarded and even deemed too priceless to sell. there are so few left. but unless oda reveals some great history behind wado ichimonji, it would remain as an heirloom sword that holds great sentimental value to zoro, nothing more.
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